Taekwondo Training & Classes

Translated, Taekwondo means the art of kicking and punching. The Korean art form combines the direct lines of Karate, the circular motions of Kung Fu with native kicking techniques into a formidable self-defense art form.

Taekwondo Is Also a Philosophy

Chicago Martials Arts Taekwondo classes, training and principles are firmly rooted in the eleven commandments of modern Taekwondo.
  • Loyalty to your country
  • Respect your parents
  • Faithfulness to your spouse
  • Respect your brothers and sisters
  • Loyalty your friends
  • Respect your elders
  • Respect your teachers
  • Never take life unjustly
  • Indomitable spirit
  • Loyalty to your school
  • Finish what you begin

Taekwondo Classes and Training

Chicago Martials Arts takes a balanced approach to Taekwondo, focusing on the mind, body & soul to provide balance and breed self-confidence while maintaining a healthy respect for those around. Classes are available for all ages, children and adults, and are dependent upon the level of the student’s skill and technique.


Students who dedicate themselves to the training should expect to see improved strength, cardiovascular endurance, control of daily stress, weight management & flexibility.

How to Sign Up for CMA’s Taekwondo Classes

For more information on how to sign up for the Taekwondo Classes, please contact us or stop by at either of our Chicago area locations.

Beginners are encouraged to try our Free Trial to get started